In previous years I have developed a set of skills in photography, animation and digital media. As the final year project aims at showing all gained skills I have decided to create an interactive website which would show in better lights what I learnt.

The first class started with brainstorming about the fields of interests. After some considerations, I had a few different ideas to work on.


  • Time and Space

The first thing that I was thinking about is the idea of the time and space. To be more precise, I started asking the questions of how people’s life has been changed with the rise of the technology. Without any doubt, the majority of the individuals on the earth, if they possess a technological device, have accounts on the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media channels. The crucial point here is that their virtual life may be absolutely different from reality. But why is it happening? Is it because there is a pressure to persuade everyone that you meet the standards, created and maintained by society?

  • The standards of the Beauty

Previously, for my creative project’ class I built an interactive website where the theme of the beauty’s madness was covered. The findings of my research suggested that from the ancient time, a person, especially a woman, had been esteemed regarding its visual attractiveness. In other words, the beauty’s standards that have been changing from the century to century usually define the value of the individual. What is more, generally, people like what is beautiful and nice. It seems to be a common sense that if , for example, a CV, presentation or website do not look good, only a few will read it or be interested, even if the idea is brilliant.

The Medium is the Message

Another thought that seemed quite interesting to me is Marshall McLuhan’s famous phrase: “The medium is the message”; meaning that the form of a medium embeds itself in the message (McLuhan,1964). So, for instance, whilst the aspect ratio of 16:9 (the TV screen format) is used, an instant associations will prepare viewers to forget about the presence, enjoying the imaginative world of the film. Another example that was immediately evoked in my mind was typography. Specifically, the italic fonts’ family reminds of the handwriting that is associated with personal information. This idea of interconnected relation of type and symbolic meaning has interested me specifically since it is not that common to be covered. Therefore, I feel that I need to explore it in more details.


McLuhan, M. (1964). Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man. American Quarterly, [online] 16(4), p.646. Available at: [Accessed 22 Sep. 2016].


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