On the first lecture of the term a filmmaker Lizzie Thynne came to discuss her project, which was “Brighton: Symphony of a City”. Basically, her film depicts a day in the life of the city, darting back and forth through time to encompass archive film of the lost glories and contemporary events that have defined Brighton’s profile as the UK’s most vibrant location. This kaleidoscope of local identity is accompanied by a sumptuous symphonic score performed live by Orchestra of Sound and Light.

To start with, my creative project is an interactive website. Therefore, I don’t feel that the information the artist has given has much relevancy to me. Although, considering the way the film has been produced, I have come to an interesting thought. In essence, the film was made with a classical motives as the idea was to show Brighton, its history and the elements that composed the sense of it. In other words, the overall style is quite old because of the artist’s intentions. Regarding my project, I have decided that I want it to be connected with typography in some sense, what is in its turn related to ‘digital’. Hence, I think it will be a great idea to depict it in a digitally modern manner.


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