The Giver of Names is a computer system that gives objects names (, 2016). The installation includes an empty pedestal, a video camera, a computer system and a small video projection. The camera observes the top of the pedestal. The installation space is full of “stuff”… objects of many sorts. When an object is placed on the pedestal, the computer grabs an image. The words and ideas stimulated by the object(s) appear in the background of the computer screen, showing what could very loosely be described as a ‘state of mind’ (ibid). What has interested me particularly is the visual representation of the idea that emphasises the symbolic meaning of the objects. Besides, the blurred look of the words reminds me of the psychologically complex processes, in which an associations’ are bearing in one’s head. This work has made me think that I definitely should explore typography, focusing on its symbolic meaning.

Reference: (2016). David Rokeby : The Giver of Names. [online] Available at: [Accessed 24 Sep. 2016].


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