To get some inspiration, I visited Brighton Open Market, where an organic-electronic installation was presented.

In the beginning, I hardly could imagine what was that the object of installation for. In essence, it was like a triad of seats, nestled within a beautiful roundwood structure that aimed at giving the full interactive experience (sensor was used: after one sat down, the lights started its journey all around the construction) . Whilst discussing how the construction was built, how much money was invested and how many people were participated, I realised that the goals of my project should be realistic enough to be accomplished on time.What is more, I need to think about the budget so as to give my project more credits.

Things to address in my project:

According to the brochure, the invention was supposed to be the most attractive for children. However, while being on the market, I saw one child, who gave up on exploring the installation after a couple of minutes. Such disengagement of the target group could lead to the limited experience, which wouldn’t let the installation convey its initial meaning and value. With regard to my own project, I have realised that one of the main aspects that I need to consider to the more extent is the target audience, who may be interested in what I am doing. For now, I am thinking to make a website that will educate people about typography. This means that for certain the target audience are those who are interested in design (the more specific description is more likely to be obtained during further research). Therefore, I need to keep in mind what these people like, making sure of visual and operational preferences of this target group during the creative process.


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