What interested me in these art works is the way in which Susana Edwards explored letterpress. Precisely, in this context the combination of traditional and digital approaches looks attractively mysterious and innovative. It creates a feeling that letterpress, despite its old history, is still relevant design issue. Hence,  I have been started thinking to create the work that delivers the same effect. The way how imaginary will look is more likely not be clear to reinforce the interest and make potential users question what is all about.

Regarding the concept, there is an idea that I have underlined from here. In essence, contemporary art in these creative pieces is used as a way to address the question of typography’s cloning. It has made me think of typography’s sameness that appears to be be a big issue because, as my previous research shows, each type represents certain identity and values and the similarity can emphasise the the oneness of identity as well as the lose of fonts’ values.

Reference: (2016). Susanna Edwards. [online] Available at: [Accessed 28 Sep. 2016].


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