The Value of Typography in a Global Multilingual World

“Typography transcends this utilitarian vision and furnishes the values and attributes that result in the personality or character of a brand, a product or service.” (Bails, 2013, p.31). It appears to be the most important reason why the choice of typography is so essential. Even without design background, unconsciously through everyday practises, an ordinary user is able to sense what kind of experience a brand, a product or service will offer through its chosen type. In other words, each font has some values behind that ought to be considered and taken into account before the use. However, do people really care of these values? This question I have found particularly interesting to examine.

Another important idea to remember is that, “according to Hudson, typographical design today is closely related to the internationalisation of information technology and, in this sense, typeface designers, being as they are directly implied in the economic, social and cultural development of globalisation, assume a specific responsibility” (Bails, 2013, p.?). It seems that designing for a global world implies taking into account cultural diversity. However, considering global brands and their similar selection of font, homogenisation appears to be pretty visible. It seems a big issue since “globalisation must be more than just a business opportunity for so ware manufacturers”.


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