This week for more inspiration I’ve written down the main associations with the topics below:

Politics: Ideology/ Manipulation/ Censorship/ Control/ State/ Identity/Interconnection of the states/Globalization

Passion: Design/Art/ Dancing/ Painting/ Posters/ Exhibitions/ Reading  Of The Books/ Traveling

Gender: Male/ Female/ Roles/ Responsibilities/ Expectations/Identity

Society: Capitalism/ Globalisation/ Cosmopolitan/ Rules/ Class Division/ History/ commercialisation

Famous People: Angelina Jolie/Johny Depp/ Power/ Influence/ Recognition/ Public Life/ Surveillance/ Scandals/ Charity

Changing The World: Charity/ Awareness Of The Problems/ Participation/ Co-operation/ Green Peace/ Love/ Representation Of The Interests

Looking at these associations, I have decided to summarise the main themes that I will look at in my project. So, the topics are commercialisation, trends, design, digital, typography and identity. In fact, I have definitely found this exercise useful because it has helped me quickly identify my interests, adding more focus to my project. That is extremely essential, especially presently, since I need to start preparing a pitch to discuss the possible theme, the main argument as well as the websites’s  potential look.


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