This week there was a strong focus on methodology. The core reading as well as the class’s discussion was about general methods of research.

During the talk it had been found that the major methods, used by class’s participants (including me), were pretty much the same. Precisely, everyone had searched for the collection of visual materials and the most relevant theoretical frameworks.

However, some people had emphasised a few things that I would need to address in the future. Generally, whilst thinking of the idea that can be employed within your project, it is essential to make a quick try to understand how much time it requires. So, considering the time limits, time-consuming ideas need to be replaced on something more achievable and realistic. Then, it is important to make the research be progressive, what suggests the importance of discoveries. So to paraphrase we don’t need to stuck on one idea, instead the concept should be developed and progressed visually. In order to achieve it, diverse methods of the research need to be employed. Thinking of what I have done previously, I feel I still need to find more visual examples as well as started thinking of the main argument of my project that could help to specify the research, making it more focused and clear.