This week I did some research on the websites, firstly, to find some visual elements, which I could implement in my work later and secondly, to analyse typography’s and design’s style for conceptual development of my idea.

The first thing that I immediately observed was the minimalistic look of the website, which was expressed in colour palette, typestyle choice, amount of the text and use of space. I like such structure, which is more likely to associated with modernity of present world.

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Next, I have found some elements, which I am considering to use in the project.


When I saw the above landing page, immediately I have had a thought to make the website remind of the book that will have an ability to educate people about the font.


So, I did some experimentations to see how it can look like. Instead of ‘The Library Book’, it could be something like ‘The Typography Book’. Basically, this book may contain the history of typography, considering how the font was invented, for which purposes, what was the values behind and how it had been changed with time. I feel that is essential to cover since I want to show users that typography is much more than they think about it. However, in essence what I have done visually is just a start mock-up. Therefore, it needs more development after the concept has been finally decided (possibly after the pitch since I will get the feedbacks from tutors and other students).


What I like about the website above is the way in which the story is being communicated through the shapes. The pages seem to be connected and perceived as one. At the next stage I would like to do some experimentations with the shape because it appears to be an effective way to communicate a story in terms of design.


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