I have continued searching for the images with the fonts I can use in the website and here are some that I would like to discuss. To start with, the idea that I have developed during the visual research  is to show on the landing page a range of images, containing non-trivial fonts so as to make viewers feel that the website is going to show creative unusual types but with the narrative’s development the users realise that it’s kind of trick and even if they think there is a diversity in design it is not really true (because of the fact that the classic fonts are mainly used).

In fact, the image above may depict the variation that the design should bring. Regarding the visual part, I feel the image is pretty similar to my own aesthetics but the problem, which I see, consists in too much emphasis on bright colours that can distract an audience from typestyle. To be more precise, the text there is not really readable and is more likely to be perceived as colourful and engaging image.  As a result, message’s transmutation can be spoiled.

I thought to use this kind of types  because they are quite rarely used and cannot be related to classic type fonts. Moreover, I feel the play with shape looks really engaging and may be played even more interestingly in combination with proper animation.


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