Basically, I have done some visual research which helped me to form a brief narrative as well as the general idea of my project. Therefore, in this blog post I would like to explain the concept that has evoked in my mind as well as to feature the images that have provided me with some inspiration. To start with, whilst creative approach is taken, the images with typography (that can be seen below) still embody simplicity and clear structure what appears to signify to certain extent the standardisation of the design.

In the context of my project I thought to use the pictures with diverse typestyles, both classical and modern and make them look extremely creative, catching and unusual. The main concept is that each font has its value and the purpose of the application and, considering semiotics’ study and analysis of humans’ association, the website will offer its users to create or to find the font that will express what they want and search for. Initially it will show a great diversity but in the end the message that one needs to believe in classical typography will be shown. This idea has been taken from the image below. In fact, I really like the simple look of this image. I feel if I discuss the issues, related to typography, the style should be extremely modern since for the main part typography is associated with digital world that signifies modernity.



Noir, S. (2016). Soleil Noir 2012 | We believe in…. [online] Available at: [Accessed 6 Oct. 2016].


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