To begin with, for the pitch I have started searching for the visual materials that I can recreate. The landing page of my website is more likely to be called typography book. I have tried to find the websites, which aesthetics I like, and put my message instead.

I have found a music website that has given me some creative ideas for realization (you can see the screenshots, taken from this website, on the left side above and below). What I liked was that in the begining of the website (I am not sure if it’s landing page or not) there were lots of images that were located in the centre of the page and within several seconds they kept changing one by one. I started thinking if I put some images with creative and rarely used typography it will make a user think that the website will show new modern styles. However, with the development of the narrative a user will realize that presently the design is standardised and even if some creative fonts are invented people prefer using the ‘secure’ fonts like Helvetica.

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 00.02.05.png

I definetely like the narrative of Mileinn website. It makes users follow the narrative in an enagaging way. I recreated the images but changed the massage. Now it is kind of saying that it is a new era of typography. In combination with the creative images in the begining, it will make users feel that this new epoch is characterised by variety and diversity of typography options, what seems to be obvious due to globalisation and development of technology . However, in the next moment, an audience will see that we “are all in helvetica”. The most recognized brands use just this font or its hybradized forms rather than using something brand new.



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