This week we have presented the pitch, which contains the mind map with the conceptual development of our idea, overall statement and some visual materials.

So, as it can be found from the two images below the aim of my work is to show that the typography is standardised and one needs to believe only in classical types. The main problem, which I see is that, as my previous research has shown, the type has its specific values and while the one type is dominated, the values of it are being forgotten.


The below image on the left is a screenshot of the inspirational website that I have discovered whilst the image on the right was created by me. I left the message since it is what exact I am trying to say. I have selected black, grey and beige colours because they are considered as classy.

In the class I have got some useful feedbacks that I would like to reflect on. To start with, I feel that the angle of my work should be more focused so as to create the specific and comprehensive narrative. Then, the values of classical fonts should be covered in order to make the users understand why some typefaces are so popular. In a sense it can be done in a form of timeline. To be more precise, this timeline can show why particular fonts were generated, and how the values behind them had changed with the passed time. Previously I have searched for some images that depict the type’s development. However, the problem is that it is not engaging enough. Therefore, the next step that I am planning to do is to consider how to specify my topic as well as to do more visual research on timelines.


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