screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-12-50-49A few days ago I attended an exhibition, located in Brighton Gallery, that I would like to reflect on. In essence, “Beyond The Bias – Reshaping image ” focuses on identity and understandings of our personal and projected image as influenced by the pervasive genre of fashion and style photography. The festival explores photography’s role in defining and informing our understanding of subjects such as: gender and sexuality, the representation of the body, the politics of style, subcultures and the subversion of social and cultural norms.

Although, the topic of the exhibition is not relevant to what I am doing there is a concept that seems to be particularly interesting for a discussion. To be more specific, as I observed, the majority of images attempts to produce a shocking effect on the audience. In fact, one of the reasons why such effect is created is that there is a dramatic focus on the naked bodies that do not look as perfect as we used to see in the media. Then, the open representation of the sexual relations of the subjects is being used to raise a range of questions, regarding the expressions of sexuality. This to certain extent can be considered  for some visitors of the gallery as too naughty and unacceptable. In terms of my project, I feel the narrative should also produce a shocking and more relatively to say surprising effect because it is the most efficient way to make spectators remember the website and, more importantly, think of the significance of the issue.




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