This week’s lecture was for the main part about the acting process. There were some key points from the lecturer’s speech that I would like to discuss. First of all, she emphasised how professional communication between a director and an actor should be built. For example, that is essential to give the primary information (description) quite briefly so as to see how an actor feels its character. Then during the selection process that is important to consider how easy for a director to communicate with an actor (for instance, if an actor’s proficiency is too high for a director it is a kind of hard to have some authority).

Generally, the lecture was irrelevant to my own project because I am doing an interactive website, what appears to be an absolutely different medium, regarding its process. To be more precise, I am working on my own so I don’t depend on others. Therefore, due to my independency I won’t have the problems that those, who are doing film or photography, will probably encounter. However, if in a future I am going to work in a team such pieces of advice  can be quite significant to take into account.


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