The 4th lecture was led by Erica Scourti. In essence, she has discussed the technology and its impact. It was emphasised in her speech that in the digital era, people, who interact with modern gadgets, have become profiles. Presently this self is used as a commodity that is sold and exchanged. It can be visible quite strongly on the example of artists. In fact, the creative people cannot stand behind their work. They use social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter and others, to become a brand to perform themselves.

What has interested me in this lecture is the idea that people are more sincere with their apps and devices rather than with people. Like by using your search engine you can ask any question while if someone sees your online history you will feel quite unprotected. This suggests that nowadays people have an extremely strong bond with their technology. Indeed, lecturer’s conception has reflected on and developed the idea that I have previously had. The global brands, especially those that are related to technology (such as Apple), due to its high value and use dictate the trends. In fact, all technology has its default colours, apps and types and people in most of the cases can’t change it. They keep seeing the visual materials that have been already decided for them. Hence,  without people’s attention the default settings become trends and create design homogenisation .



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