In this blog post, I want to explain briefly the website’s plan. Basically, it is supposed to have 6 working pages all together. On the landing page, I aim to show that the website is all about typography. The home page will show its users some types to discover about. As I have chosen previously, these fonts are Helvetica, Myriad Pro and Garamond. I have selected to discuss 3 types because it will be an overwhelmingly unrealistic in terms of the research as well as creative process if I add more. In the gallery a user may select a type to discover about. So, depending on the choice, a user will go the Type A, Type B or Type C pages. In the about types’ pages the information is more likely to be similar. I am planning to include some basic staff about the font, like its inventor and the year it has been created. Besides, I definitely need to show the characteristics of the fonts so as to emphasise their initial values. The last page will show that the reason of these fonts’ popularity is connected  in a sense with Apple that has contributed to mass production. So, I am thinking to find some data that will depict that the fonts have gained their recognition and reputation after Apple have started using them in its marketing and operating systems.


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