Due to my previous research, I have decided to find some data that will be able to represent Apple’s influence globally.

The statistics below shows Apple’s revenue (or total net sales) from 2004 to 2015. In the 2005 financial year (October 2004 to September 2005), Apple’s revenue came to a total of 13.9 billion U.S. dollars. In 2013, Apple’s revenue was up to more than 170 billion US dollars.



So without any doubt, it can be concluded that Apple put its gadgets in hands of millions, obtaining the tremendous influence.What is more, according to Thomas (2014) every time Apple redesigns their software, specifically iOS, the entire design industry landscape changes. Basically, everyone follows them. As an example, Thomas (2014) has mentioned that after the release of iOS 7, everything in the world went flat.Basically, websites became flatter to match their mobile app companions. In a lot of cases, Android apps got the flat treatment as well. Taking things a step further, some very large companies even updated their logos! Yahoo, Google and Bing all released new, flatter logos right around the time Apple updated to iOS 7 (ibid).In fact, Apple wasn’t nearly the first company to implement flat design. Flat design was very popular amongst designers and trendy tech or design-focused companies. It was written about, debated and defined. But it took Apple to let everyone know that “OK, it’s safe to do this now. We did it.” (ibid). This has reminded me of my previous research that underlines that for the first time Helvetica and Helvetica Neue has been used in iOS 7 system. Therefore, it can be suggested (not proved though) that alongside with flat design Helvetica has become a trend among web designers, other global companies and people. Thinking of this, I have decided to research more about Apple’s typography.

Indeed, Apple Inc. has always used a large variety of typefaces in its marketing, operating system, and industrial design (Parrish, 2012; Wiki 2016).

These are all of them:


Handdrawn logo
Motter Tektura
Apple Garamond
Helvetica Black
Gill Sans
Product (System Fonts)

Products (system fonts):

Apple II
Chicag0 (Macintosh, Ipod)
Shaston (Apple IIGS
Espy Sans (Newton, eWorld, Ipod mini)
Charcoal (Mac OS 8)
Lucida Grande (Mac OS X)
Podium Sans (Ipod photo)
Helvetica and Helvetica Neue (IPhone)
Sans Fracisco (Apple Watch)

I have done some primary research and discovered the most favourite fonts by Apple that are Helvetica Neue, Myriad and Apple Garamond. In fact, on the web these typefaces are considered as one of the most used and suggested. Therefore, the idea that has come up to my mind to specify the theme of my project is to show that Apple has contributed dramatically to the success and popularity of such a fonts as  Helvetica Neue, Myriad and Garamond, making them trends. To be more precise, I will emphasise how Apple dictates global trends that have become ‘normal/ordinary for the use’ by people as well as other companies.


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