To begin with, I looked at the range of websites, containing different (in terms of style) timelines. The majority of the them did not impress me, however, I could find one that  gave me an idea of how the possible timeframe could look like.

What I like about the website, whose screenshot is below, is that when a user is navigating the mouse on the letters or the images, the colour is changing. Moreover, the play with lighting, palette and pictures’ position within the frame creates a feeling of being in two-dimensional space. Last but definitely not the least, the images that are of different sizes and shapes, located in a messy order, attracts much attention.

In regards to my own website I feel that visually it will be interesting to create some images of a squared form that will feature the fonts. Besides, it can work well if I locate these images in the order, associated with a timeline, since unconsciously users will feel that the website has an informative and educative character.

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 21.14.50.png



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