Recently I have visited the Tate Modern Gallery in London to get some inspiration. There I have found a great diversity of amazing works with unique peculiarities. For example, the artworks that are shown below can be characterised as extremely bright, modernist and innovative due to chosen colour scheme.I feel it will be a good idea to experiment with such colours and maybe use on my website later on. The reason for doing it is that the colour palettes on given masterpieces symbolise to certain extent something new and trendy while the consequences of the setting the trends are what I am trying to show in my project. So such play can work well in terms of the concept.

Choreography installation is the next object that drew my attention. What I have found interesting is how the lines between the images work. To be more specific, they create a sense of a network. Therefore, it is possible to feel that the images have some connection and, more importantly, are small elements that compose the bigger picture (concept).

The last thing that I want to discuss are the infographic pictures of some book in the gallery’s shop. Basically, I like how the data is presented there. In a graphically engaging way, the big numbers can be easily read. Indeed, these infographics have made me think to present the data about Apple and its ability to set trends that are repeated by others in a similar way since it can create a kind of a story that will be interesting for viewers to follow.


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