From this point I am going to focus on experimental part. Recently I have found one website that seems especially inspirational to me. The image below is the screenshot of it. Basically, what I like is the sense of mystery. All images are positioned in the dark place but when a user is navigating the mouse on one of them, it is lightening up. It feels like with this lighting the secret of the image is expected to be revealed. In terms of my website, I sense this play with lighting can be relevant because I want users to feel that the mystery behind the selected type will be explained within the project. Such aesthetics underlines that there is some magic behind each typeface. Moreover, it will create some intrigue, which results in more engagement.

Then, I have found the images, created by famous graphic designers, with the fonts I need to cover. In fact, I adjusted the darkness to add a kind of mysterious effect, the importance of which I discussed in the first paragraph. Then,  I located these images on the one page to see how they would work visually all together (due to their colour palette as well as similar design aesthetics I feel they work nicely). In line with this, I started experimenting with animation. Actually, I am not sure how to make the design be responsive, therefore I have created a gif to observe if it is a proper replacement. Unfortunately, it hasn’t work here mainly because if the images become lighter without users’ navigation the sense of connection between the website and a person is lost. In its turn, my aim is to produce a feeling that a website is going to tell a secret to you. However without responsive design that seems problematic. Therefore, the next step I am going to do is to find more research on how to make it happen.

Initially I was thinking to add the name of the font on the image but then I realised that it could spoilt the overall design. Moreover, it is not really necessary here because the name, although given in small size, is quite visible. Besides, behind the image I added the text (“discover”). The trick is that this text does not give the direct information about the things that are going  to be discovered so it will create a feeling that some secret is going to be revealed.




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