To start with, I have decided to do a comparison of Helvetica and Ariel since it can contribute dramatically to my research. As you may observe I have found a few sources that suggest that the difference between Helvetica and Ariel is more likely to be revealed by professionals rather than by ordinary people. However, considering the history, Helvetica was designed earlier and due to designer’s recognition immediately attracted an attention. Therefore, it can be argued that Helvetica in its essence is an authentic type style while Ariel can be seen as its hybridised form.

Then, even if Ariel is considered as the most used font on the websites (Fontreach, 2016), it has become recognisable after it has packaged all version of Microsoft Windows (influence of global tech-brands can be seen here once more) , the main competitor of Apple on the market. What is more,  Microsoft has bought rights to use Ariel  one year after Apple have utilised Helvetica (Microsoft, 2016). Considering the fonts’ similarities,  it can be seen that Apple attracts a great attention to certain design solutions (Thomas, 2014). This process of repeating signifies that the values of types are in crisis due to its neglecting in the time of corporate-driven design’s standards.


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