After I had developed a concept of the website’s home page, I started considering how to design a landing page. Indeed, I wanted to underline the fact that the website would be all about typography. Although I had played with the look of the landing page before, it did not seem relevant anymore because the aesthetics had been changed during the progress.

So as to fill the gap I have explored different websites that contain the similar style to my current home page in terms of colours, shapes and forms. One of them has given me an aspiration to create a new version of the landing page (you can observe new design below on the left side).

However, the discussion with my tutor has shown me the limitation of this visual look. Generally, an audience is more likely to think that TB stands for the medical issue due to the colours and presence of smoke. Because of this I have decided to continue researching and experimenting since I don’t want to mislead my spectators.

After that, I have searched for the creative posters of Helvetica and other fonts, made by famous graphic designers, because in essence majority has the same style as the images I have used for the home page. So, to put it differently,  by creating the pictures of the same style, I can reach visual consistency that is crucial for narration’s delivery. Therefore, when I saw the poster of Helvetica, shown below from the left side,  I had a though to recreate it. In essence, I like what I have obtained, because the image looks modern, fresh and creative, making users wish to explore the website. Moreover, it definitely similar to the images on the home page and that essential in terms of visual fluency.

Then, I have started doing the third page of my website that is more likely to cover the values and the general information about the selected fonts. The first screenshot, shown below from the left side of the page, was taken from the inspirational website, which aestetics I like. The second image on the right is my adopted version. For now, I consider this version as a rough draft because I still need to work on the palette to give my project some flow. Moreover, I’m not sure if this page has enough contribution to the narration, mainly because the research regarding the possible information for the page still needs to be produced.




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