To start with, to give more ambiguity to the home page I decided to make the images with the fonts more blurred. So as to reach the effect of mystery the idea to combine two images, by making one of them transparent, have come to my mind. You can see the final results of my experimentation below. In fact, yellow, blue and red posters have been chosen as the main images and those, which are opposite to them, as transparent because the colours of yellow, blue and red work well together, adding some modernity and a sense of innovation. Additionally, these colors due to their brightness can make users feel that the fonts of Helvetica, Myriad and Garamond are going to be discussed in terms of their uniqueness. This will mislead an audience and, as a result, more shocking effect of the website’s meaning will be produced.

Then, I experimented with the boxes on the home page. Precisely, I changed the size of these boxes several times to see the possible difference in terms of impact. During the comparison of all versions, I have realised that the initial one that has been created occasionally has the most powerful effect. The reason is that when just ‘discover’ is located inside the box, there is a feeling that both the word and the box are hidden behind the image. The sense of secret is immediately produced and a user only needs to click on the image to get a path to the secret behind the font. Then, I experimented with the boxes’ colours. In fact, initially I have planned to make  colour of the box be similar to the poster, which is placed in front of it. But then I have found that the presence of 3 different colours of the boxes is more likely to be distracting. Therefore, I have made all boxes be blue since I like this colour the most. Lastly, I have added some lines to the boxes because this will create a kind of timeline in terms of style. I am not sure if I need to give an information about the reasons of why the fonts are located in selected order and what the timeline is going to cover since it will give an audience to build its experience, based on guessing.


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