This time, I have worked on the colour palette for my website. In fact, I have used a special site that generates the matching colours. At first, I have applied all suggested options and then asked the opinion of my class mates regarding their preferences. Actually, they did not appreciate any of them.

While I had started thinking of other solutions regarding the colour palette I remembered the recent conversation with my tutor. In fact, she said that she really likes the presence of the boxes, made up from tiny blue lines, on the home page that have appeared in Muse without my intention. So, I have started considering to leave the boxes as it is as well as to try to make blue one of the main colours of the landing page. Besides, I tried to apply yellow, due to its omnipresence on my website. When I compared both versions I could conclude that both colours have an ability to create some kind of  visual fluency. However, yellow seems to work better regarding the concept. Precisely, this colour tends to be associated with creativity and modern way of thinking that appears to be the crucial element for emphasis in terms of my project.



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