The second online lecture that I have watched does not seem to be particularly useful for me because I’m not in the stage when I intend to start my own company. Moreover, the creative project I have been doing presently is individual, while the lecturer has mainly discussed how to organise a team and teamwork in a business environment. However, I feel with regards to the future there are a few tips that are especially necessary to remember. First of all, if you want to work for a big organisation you need to be aware that there is a long way to get a creative freedom. It seems to be applicable to any creative industry (including photography, video-making, film, digital media and others). Next, once more the importance of self-branding has been underlined. Indeed, building a brand through digital presence appears to be especially essential in this process. From this perspective I feel that the skills I have been developing for these years are crucial because building of the website is one of the main steps in establishing the brand and its promotion.


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