Recently I started developing the About Type Page. Initially, I combined the poster of the font with information that I found on the type and placed it on the white background. However, then it made me think that overall it looked like a window so I searched for another colour to improve the design. However, the main problem, which I have discovered with this page, is that I am not sure about the information that I need to include to grab viewers’ attention. Moreover, the plan that I have built for the website previously from this point does not appear logical. To be more specific, what worries me is that If I cover the values of the font in one page and in the next page provide the data that underlines the role of Apple in its promotion it will be a bit weird because this factor in its essence can be seen as a valuable characteristic. What is more, I have 3 fonts, what means that I need to incorporate data about all of them in the last page. It seems to be too overwhelming for users’ to catch up. Therefore, I feel that I need to develop the plan to the better extent so as to create more flow and communicate the message clearer.


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