To start with, recently I have read the book, written by Krum (2013), about cool infographics, part of which I would like to discuss.  Specifically, I am interested in such a methodology as data visualisation. I have underlined a quote that I would like to explain with reference to my website.

  • “Of all methods for analysing and communicating statistical information, well-designed data graphics are usually the simplest and at the same time the most powerful ” (Tufte, 2001, cited in Krum, 2013, p. 4).

So, what it means is the method of data visualisation is generally used to communicate the big data on one page, therefore, people are able to understand it fast and effortless. In terms of my project, I feel that the use of data visualisation can assist me in transmitting of the concept to the users. To be more precise, if I visualise the ‘big’ (typography) data, people can esteem the impact certain fonts have. Moreover, visually this method looks quite complex due to amount of numbers and information. This overwhelmingness can make my users feel all the complexity of the problem’s scale. In other words, it can create a dramatic effect that is necessary so as to make an audience be serious about the issue.


Krum, R. (2013). Cool Infographics: Effective Communication with Data Visualization and Desi. 1st ed. John Wiley & Sons.


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