While researching on the types, I have come up with a new idea for website’s narration. Basically, the landing page and the home page do not require any changes, but others need to be modified in terms of order and content. To begin with, I want About Type Pages provide a big data regarding the type’s use on web by both professionals and amateurs to make users think of the influence that these fonts have. The next page will show what are the values behind. The use of Apple will be depicted as the main reason of the types’ popularity, signifying the ignorance of its initial values (such as cleanness/readability and etc.). The reason why I have changed the order is that it has more logic right now. Besides, considering my experiments I feel that About Type Pages in the first version has not been thought carefully enough in terms of the engagement’s generation. To put it differently, it does not have any intricating information for the viewers to be delivered. So if I leave the page as it is I feel the attention of the audience  will be lost.


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