The next font that I would like to discuss is Myriad Pro. The typeface is best known for its usage by Apple Inc., replacing Apple Garamond as Apple’s corporate font since 2002 (idsgn, 2011). Till present time it is used in all of Apple’s marketing and on its products. What is more, Adobe ships a large subset of the Myriad Pro family with a number of their products, including Adobe Reader. Additionally, such famous companies as Rolls-Royce, Valve Corporation, The Linkedin, All Nippon Airways, St John logo, Myer as well as the original Gmail used the font in their logos. In line with it, Myriad is used as an official font by a great amount of universities, including  University of Virginia, Loyola University Chicago,  Cambridge University, The George Washington University and etc.

Basically, the information, which I am going to include on the website about Myriad Pro will be pretty much similar to that one about Helvetica, because in any case for now it is a mock up . So, in the beginning the history of the font will be underlined.

Then, I will definitely use the data, taken from, since it has an impressive database, which make the figures quite representative.


Other statistics will be taken for visual purposes and will be replaced with more credible figures in the end.

Reference: (2016). 100 best Typefaces of all times. [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 Dec. 2016]. (2016). FontReach. [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 Dec. 2016]. (2016). Know your type: Myriad: idsgn (a design blog). [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 Dec. 2016].



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