This time I have decided to search for more information about data visualisation and how it is usually perceived. In essence, I have found an extremely inspirational TED video about the beauty of data visualisation that strengthens my intention to employ this method so as to underline the power of typography.

To start with,  David McCandless, a speaker, said that ‘data is the kind of ubiquitous resource that we can shape to provide new innovations and new insights, and it’s all around us’ (McCandless, 2010). Actually, I have found some links between data and typography. To start with, they both aim to contribute to people’s understanding of the world. Then, they are ‘being poured into our eyes through the Web’, however people are rarely paid attention to them or think about their values (ibid).Next, it has been suggested that ‘we need relative figures that are connected to other data so that we can see a fuller picture, and then that can lead to us changing our perspective’. So, I have started thinking that conceptually it could be interesting to combine these two concepts (data and typography) that have the same values and are neglected by the society.


David McCandless (2010). The Beauty of Data Visualisation,  TED.


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