After I figured out the findings that I will incorporate for the statistics I have started searching for the examples of data visualisation. These two images below have inspired me a lot. What is more, in terms of design they seem to be quite similar to what I have already had. Therefore, I have decided to create my version of this page’s look, making it the About Type Page.

Literally, I put Helvetica Neue at the top right corner of the page and added the tiny blue and yellow lines to it. Although these lines were used as a part of typographic analysis, they created a sense of being the main elements of the website owing to their visibility on other pages. Then, I tried to create the effect of business by giving lots of information about the use of the font to emphasise its influence. Simultaneously, the aim of this page is to present the text in a short, simple and clear manner because I want an audience to pay an attention to all the information. Due to these reasons, I have spent quite a lot of time to find the right visual balance. As you might see, the image below (on the right side) shows the pie chart and the small rectangles with the long descriptions of it. In fact, I have decided to shorten the text, because it can be too boring for users to read. Then, I am still going to work on the colours and shapes to find the most suitable options. For now, the page is just a mock-up of what generally it could be. In essence, I like how it looks since now the website is based on the principles of modernity and digitalisation, what works perfectly in terms of the concept. However, now I feel it reminds of neon design. So, I think at first I need explore this style to the more details to make sure if it is applicable.


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