The one page I left behind was the final page. Although I had a brief idea regarding the message I was absolutely unsure about its visual look. Whilst researching I found a few images that could help me to build the design. To start with, the image with Inforgaphics Timeline made me want to create a kind of timeline so as to show when the fonts have become used by Apple (like it is a start point of their recognition). At the same time,  when I saw the image with analysis of Helvetica Neue (the first on the right side) immediately I started asking myself what if to create a page where all fonts, discussed on the website, are put in the centre and behind them there is a message (for example, “Promoted by Apple” or “Used by Apple” ) like it is a label. As for the last inspirational image (Homemade Apple),shown below,  I thought that the font, used there, could be relevant to apply since it has a personal shade due to its similarity with  handwriting (usually labelling is a personal thing so conceptually it could work well).

Basically, I combined all ideas that were in my mind and the images below are what I got. As on the inspirational picture I generated the timeline, giving the dates when Apple started using the fonts. For now, I am still thinking if I need to explain to the users why these dates have been chosen (through animation or by adding more information in the image). The point is if I avoid doing this it can create some interest of what the years stand for. However, the main problem consists in the possible confusion and misunderstanding of the spectators. Therefore, to make it clear I need to ask somebody to test the mock-up of my website. Concerning the timeline, it was done in a form of neon arrows (past of chosen aesthetics). Since on the home page the images with the fonts have certain colours (blue/red/yellow), I used them here as well as a signifier of the font. On the bottom of the page there are an adjectives that characterise the fonts and their values. I am not sure about the animation still, but if, for example, the adjectives will be changing like it is a roulette and then “Used by Apple” will appear this will create a feeling that the values of the fonts do not play role nowadays (because being used by Apple has the main importance). Afterwards, to strengthen the effect the same message will appear on the background.


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