Basically, as it was discussed previously, I decided to do some research on neon design to explore the relevancy of its application to my project. In essence, the findings strengthen my wish to use this design style as the basis of the website for a few reasons.

First of all, “in the panoply of twentieth-century popular culture few artifacts have sustained the attention of artists, writers, musicians, and critics quite like neon”(Petty, 2014 p. 258). What is more, according to Rinaldi’s voracious photography and doting attention to recording the living history of New York City’s neon signs, Flickering Light and New York Neon successfully demonstrate the enduring role of neon in the cultural history and popular culture of the twentieth century (ibid).

What I have found useful is that neon is considered to be an essential attribute of popular culture that attracts much attention. Inasmuch as popular culture dictates people the trends, signifying what to like and repeat, I feel conceptually by using this style I can bring the idea that the world is generally based on the trends and background of the things is ignored. In fact, people appreciate what is popular, without asking the questions. That is linked to what I want to show and say in my project. Moreover, being an essential part of popular culture neon is able to grab an attention of those, who are interested in digital and design trends. To some extent, these people are considered as my potential target audience, so by implying this design I may deliver the message more effectively.


Petty, M. (2014). Flickering Light: A History of Neon, by Christoph Ribbat (London: Reaktion Books, 2013) and New York Neon. New York: by Thomas E. Rinaldi W.W. (Norton & Company, 2012) for Design and Culture, vol. 6, no. 2 (2014): 258-261. Available at: %5BAccessed 8 Dec. 2016].


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