In this blog post, I would like to explain why an interactive website is the most appropriate medium for realisation of my project. To start with, generally the theme I have chosen is typography. Without any doubt, it is the main element of “digital” environment that has changed its meaning dramatically and hence the most relevant place to discuss it. In given case, sound, video and photography are not the native mediums for exposing the topic. Therefore, there is a necessity to create a project as animation or interactive website to realise the full potential of the work. Next, there are a few reasons why I have avoided animation. First of all, it is extremely time consuming and does worth the spent time since the medium will not be able to contribute to the better concept’s delivery.  Regarding an interactive website, I have developed a deep knowledge of this medium during the second year and know how to create all elements on the high technical level. Then, the website will be more interactive with the users than animation, making it more more engaging method of exposing the problem as well as more memorable and effective way to educate the users.


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