After I have finished the brief plan for the website I put all  files in Muse to see their compatibility. Generally, I liked the look of the second and the final pages since I could feel the sameness of their aesthetics however two other pages definitely required some changes due to being outside of the visual composition.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 12.11.34.png

I started experimenting with the third page since I kind of know how to change it for better visual match with other parts of the website. Basically, the colour of all rectangles, that contain some text inside, had been changed from grey to fully transparent. So as to leave some visibility I made the rectangles’ frames grey. The presence of neon lines has made the page remind of other pages of the website, creating overall visual fluency. Next, I have decided to change the colour of pie chart. As I mentioned before, in terms of style I really like the masterpiece that I have found in Tate Modern Gallery. So I have applied the colours of it to pie chart. In the context of the page it seems to work well because it has matched the overall look, making the statistics attract attention due to bright colours.

After I placed the 3rd page in Muse I have found that now the visual look of the last 3pages is pretty much similar. Therefore, the landing page was the one that had been left.


To start with, I experimented with a great amount of the options for this page. Initially, I have tried to apply to the shapes the main fonts’ colours that are yellow, red and blue  but then I found it would be too bright and out of context. After some observations, I have decided to leave the black colour since it is used as a background on the other pages. Then, I have started working with the font. Initially, I tried to make it thick. But the problem, which I have figured out, is that because on the other pages the lines , the words and etc. are  thin, bold font can contradict other pages, especially if it yellow (the option that I tried since I thought it could look trendy and attractive) . I had spent quite a lot of time for solution and in the end I decided to make the colour of The Font be dark grey. In fact, the combination of grey and black is used on the background of the second page, so some visual similarity that contributes to the narration’s development will be created. As well I put the font in the middle of the rectangle with blue neon framework to match the website’s overall aesthetics. Additionally, regarding the concept now it reminds of the window that will offer the users to take a path into mysterious world of typography.


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