On this lecture some tips regarding creative process in a working environment have been given. Despite the fact the discussed industry is different from mine, there have been some pieces of advice that I appreciate. First of all, in any case it is essential to respond to project brief and be realistic about set goals. I feel that is important part of any production process and I need to follow it while doing my creative project, especially in the time of coming submission. Indeed, I feel I need to spend a few days to check the presence of all information that is required as well as writing pieces since it takes a great part of my assignment. Then, I definitely agree with the notion that if it feels wrong, it IS wrong. Once more, it suggests the importance of developing your work till the time you are satisfied with it. Lastly, an idea that an audience ought to understand clearly what your project is all about has seemed useful to me. Therefore, I have decided when I finish the mock-up I need to find some participants, who can interact with it. Afterwards, I am going to ask some comments that help me to identify if the main purpose of the project has been achieved and what kind of changes are required to be done so as to improve the quality and full concept’s transmutation.


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