In this blog post I would like to reflect on the process of animation’s creation. Landing page was the first one I edited. Initially, I made the elements appear one of another without any fading. Unfortunately, what I discovered was too sharp appearance of the images that could be quire unpleasent for people’s eyes. Hence, I realised that I need to change it.

After a conversation with my tutor, I have decided to change “The Font” to just “Font” since it is more commonly used when it is a title. Then, I have shortened “start your journey” to “Start” because the website does not really offer its users a journey to pass so by presenting the first phrase I can mislead an audience. Regarding an animation, this time I have played with lines of the rectangle and make them move from different parts so as to construct an initial shape at the end. Basically, I really liked how it looked. Moreover, I though it could be a great element to apply in all pages to create a sense of the main aesthetics. In essence, such animation will make an audience feel how the imaginative reality is being constructed, opening its secrets. Besides, this time I have adjusted fading to make the elements appear more smoothly. I have found that it works much better.


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