Generally, it feels that the page with the fonts’ values was the most complicated one to accomplish for a few reasons. First of all, it has a great amount of files to prepare. In essence, Edge Animate does not recognise layers if one image is uploaded. Therefore, I was required to prepare each element. Then, due to great amount of them, it was extremely confusing how to organise everything in that order in which single part can contribute to the creation of one visually complete image.Moreover, the time should be set in the way that let users see the values of the font and understand the message to the full extent. Due to these reasons, I spent hours experimenting and finding the right balance.

At first, I made the arrows construct the timeline (prolong rectangle). In fact, it was the one animation I was certain about. In the beginning, I animated the top and bottom lines as well as as bottom arrows to make them be moved simultaneously with the timeline’s appearance. Additionally, the name of the fonts were appearing during the timeline’s construction. As for the values, they appeared after an animation was fully shown. I asked some people about how it looked like. The main problem that they mentioned was overwhelmingness of the details that made it pretty hard to predict when the next element would appear. Because of this, there were some confusion that did not let elements make the overall picture work. After that I tried millions of  options in Edge and none of them worked for users. I did not know how to figure that out and therefore thought of creating the effects in powerpoint because it could quickly help me to try different effects that I would be able to do in Edge later one.

Actually, it did not take a lot of time to discover the most appropriate way to animate the elements in PowerPoint. The main change that I made was combination of some elements. Like the top lines and the fonts’ names appeared together while the bottom lines with the bottom arrows as well as values appeared also as one component. In addition, these elements did not appear, moving. Instead, a fading effect was applied. This has been done to simplify an animation, making it more accessible for people to follow what is going on.  In fact, this process has made me realize that before realisation of such complicated animation it needs to be created in easiest versions because you can quickly experiment with it. This helps to find the most proper solution without time wasting. After I finished, I showed it once more to my group mates and this time they liked what they saw as well as could identify the message. Besides, they helped me to adjust the time so as to make it work perfectly.


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