Basically, I have continued my research for the engaging landing page and this time I was more productive.


In essence I took some inspiration from the image above. To be more precise, I liked how the letters were manufactured by 3 lines of different colours. Based on this principle, I created an image that you can see below. I added the main colours, visible on my website and made them transparent to create an effect of cloning and uncertainty. Besides, I located letters disorderly within the frame. This has been done to make users unconsciously question what is wrong with the font.



Then, I have found the image that you can see below. In fact, I felt this image could be extremely relevant in terms of the concept as well as design.


Therefore, I created my own version. So as to realize given design, I changed Font to Typography. Besides, I filled only the stroke with blue colour so as to maintain the overall neon look of the website. Actually, I really liked the image, which I got. The reason is that, the line, crossing the image, will make users feel that something is wrong with typography. In other words, from this page the narrative of the website is being developed, letting the users engage with the story from the beginning.


Since I liked both of the images I have decided to compare them by putting in Muse.


In fact, I felt both images work good, regarding the concept, therefore once more I asked an audience about its viewpoint. Basically, the image with font reminded of some vintage motives, making it a bit out of the context. What is more, regarding the look, the second image looked more attractive. Hence, I have decided to make the image with typography be my landing page.

Alongside, I have tried different colour options.Precisely, I used blue, yellow and red since they are the main colours. As a result, I have discovered that anyway the blue looks the most effective and suitable.



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