After I finished all three animated pages, I showed the website to some people who could be considered as my potential target audience since all of them had an interest and qualification in design. In essence they liked the website’s aesthetics as well as its animation. However, the majority did not appreciate the landing page as it looked too boring . So, despite the fact it matches the overall design, I have decided to change it because it has a paramount importance to make a first impression (Predicted Outcome Value Theory by Sunnafrank and Ramirez Jr, 2004 cited in Leen et al, p.112). What is more, while doing the research I could identify my target audience, who is Millennial and in the context of this group this is especially important. In fact, it is tended to be argued that ‘Millennials are generally quick in forming opinions and judgments'(Kim and Fesenmaier, 2007; Lindgaard et al., 2006, cited in  Leen et al, p.112), therefore ‘the first encounters are pivotal in deciding whether they will return or not to the web site (Kim and Fesenmaier, 2007; Lindgaard et al., 2006 , cited in  Leen et al, p.112 ). For this reason, I have started searching for a new options for the lending page.

I have tried to recreate a few images that I liked but each of them had some constrains.

The first image had tiny lines that could match the overall aesthetics. However, due to fact I had less letters in the word it was hard to create similar version to the inspirational image. What is more, I did not feel that this option would evoke more interest in comparison to what I had previously had.

Basically, what I liked about the image with Fatura was the use of colours and play with shapes. However, so as to leave my aesthetics I could not really add lots of colours.As a result, created image looked too empty and boring.

Basically, the next image, which I did, reflected on the same problems.Therefore, It means that I still need to do more visual research.


Yeap Ai Leen, J., Thurasamy, R. and Omar, A. (2012). Engaging Millennials in an evolving web environment: some key points for e‐retailers. Business Strategy Series, [online] 13(3), pp.111-117. Available at: [Accessed 8 Dec. 2016].


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