Basically, all 3 pages with statistics and general information about the fonts are going to look the same.In fact, I have decided to make them look totally similar because each page that is going to be changed one after another contains too much data and it will be extremely distracting if they look differently. Without any doubt, I will use the information about fonts’ release date, designer and category. Then, I got credible data on how many websites used the typefaces. The image with Helvetica already represents the reliable figures. As for Garamond and Myriad, I have the figures (can be found in previous blog posts), however I did not include them in mock-up since the pages have been done for visual purposes mostly. Other information has been written, based on the Internet (some figures have been just imagined). As well, while searching the images about Helvetica, I found the picture that represented typographic analyses of the font and included it in my representation (as you can see some parts of ‘Helvetica Neue’ are selected by shapes of blue and yellow colours). As for Garamond and Myriad Pro, I decided to recreate this analysis, however I was unable to find it on the Web. Although once more I drew it for visual purposes still I need to find a specialist, who will help to choose the right parts of the letters that emphasise the belonging of certain font to particular category. I was thinking to contact later some tutors in our school who have proficiency in typography. As well, they can help me to find the archives and sources that provide an access to the reliable data about type’s use.


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