In this blog post I would like to explain the reasons behind the selection of landing page, home page and values page as the main pages to represent the website. In essence, the complete website is supposed to be composed of 6 pages. However, for representation I have chosen just 3 of them. The first reason is that this term is based on research development and its main purpose to develop the complete idea of the way the project should look and tries to achieve in terms of the concept, while for the next 12 weeks (next term) I need to create a plan that suggests what I need to do further. Therefore, I am unable to include all pages.

Initially, I was thinking to include the page with data visualisation since I have spent quite a lot of time to create it, making it look impressive. That page definitely illustrates the design skills I possess. However, later one I have a thought that the page, despite its visual attractiveness, does not contain reliable data. Therefore, I started thinking to animate the landing page that would be essential part of engagement’s creation, home page that is the fundamental part of the website and lastly the values page that will let me represent the narrative clearly and comprehensively. What is more, if I try to sell the project to some organisations, justifying what I am doing, they can help me to get an access to reliable data regarding typography. As a result, it could give my work more credits, making it an outstanding source, where diverse data about the fonts, is presented.


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