Whilst experimenting with the final page of the website, I came up with an idea to use connotative sigh of label to emphasise the influence of Apple in establishing design’s homogenisation as well as make users feel that the fonts have become popular due to their mass-production. The one thing that I have been worried about is to what extent this element will match the overall design. Therefore, I have showed the pretty much finished version to my tutor to ask how does everything work all together.

In fact, I was suggested to avoid using this label because, firstly, it will look like I am attacking Apple, what appears to be ethically incorrect. What is more, the aim of my project is to educate people about types, focusing their attention on the fact that the values of the fonts are disappearing in the time of corporate-driven design, however, if too much emphasis is put on Apple, the idea will be hardly understood. Therefore, I decided to change the concept a bit. Literally, the fact that Apple had mass-produced the fonts, while other companies started using them afterwards.

Then, so as to keep the narrative clear, I have decided to leave the page with statistics for the submission. Obviously, it will be used for better articulation, demonstrating the design that will be applied when the reliable figures will have been found.Therefore just statistics about Helvetica will be shown on the page.



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