In this blog post, I would like to reflect on the new animation I have produced for the landing page.

Basically, it was quite easy to accomplish therefore I have tried many options, like I changed the order of the elements and adjusted the speed of transition so as to achieve the desirable effect.

Version 1:

Version 2:

Basically, although I created much more options, here I placed two most successful versions. In the first version, at first the lines that are constructing the rectangle as well as the word ‘typography’ are appearing. Then, smoothly the line, moving to cross the word, is becoming visible. The problem that I have figured out is that it does not feel that the line is transfixing the word. In the second version I have solved it by changing the order of the elements. Precisely, initially ‘typography’ as well as the line that is crossing it are slowly appearing and then the rectangle is being constructed through the lines.

I feel that the importance of this page consists in the idea that it can attract users from the beginning and give them a small sense of narrative’s development. So, this page is like an introduction to my story. Hence, I have built the animation that let users see how the composition is constructed, focusing their attention on the line that is coming through the rectangle to the ‘typography’, transfixing it. This has been done to make the users unconsciously question what is wrong.


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