In this blog post I would like to present the full detailed plan of my website.

I will start with landing page.


Basically, when it appears a user needs to click on the rectangle to move to the next page, which is home page. Actually, there is no other way to come to this page after a user clicks on the button rather than reload the website’s link.

The next page is home page.


After a user moves to the home page there is some choice where to go. Literally, it is possible to select Helvetica, Myriad Pro or Garamond Pages.

The pages with Helvetica, Myriad Pro and Garamond are supposed to be done a bit tricky so as to make users follow the narrative that I have constructed.


In essence, both 3 pages will be the same. What I mean is, if one selects page about Helvetica to start, in the beginning the data about Helvetica will be presented as an animation and then a user can click on the circle, located on the bottom of the page, to discover the statistics about other fonts (this will work as a slide show). At the same time, if users will choose another font in home page to start, for example Garamond, the page will present the statistics about Garamond in the first place and then it will be possible to observe information about other fonts. So to put it all differently, depending on the choice, the page starts from the different elements but overall it will look totally the same. This strategy has been chosen due to several reasons. First of all, so as to produce the most effect as well as to persuade an audience about Apple’s influence the final page should summarise the values of all fonts of the website. This means that if a user clicks on “Discover Its Values” so as to move to the final page, without viewing the statistics of other typefaces, the narrative does not make any sense. Therefore, I have realised that  I should not give the users the options between coming back to the Home Page so as to choose another font for consideration and going to the Values’ Page that is final part of the website (therefore, statistics page does not show home page button, instead there is just an option to go to the Values Page).

In fact, this means that I need to create an animated graphs, working as a slideshow. Basically, I have found the videos that will be able to help me to realise it as at the next stage. Here are the links:

The final page is Values Page.


After all, the final page with values will appear. In fact, after the animation ends at the top left corner a button, which let users come back to Home Page to play it all again, will appear. In essence, such sequence has been chosen because it is the best way to control the narrative and make sure the message is delivered.


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