Basically, I would like to reflect on the changes that I have done for the values’ page. Inasmuch as this page has lots of details to change and add, I have immediately started working on it. In fact, I have realised that I need to find the data that would show the names of the big brands that mass-produced Helvetica, Myriad Pro and Garamond after Apple. This information could help to focus users’ attention on the fact that Apple has set typographic trends, while other companies without much considerations of their valuable characteristics just spread them even further in the digital and real world . Indeed, although I had collected some information, while doing previous research (like I found that Microsoft bought the licence on Garamond several years after Apple used it), I was in need to make more accent on tech-based companies since the website will be promoted on the web for its heavy users, millennial. Surprisingly, the main obstacle was to find the dates when the companies have started using the fonts. In end, I discovered that Adobe Acrobat mass-produced Myriad Pro in 2005 while Apple adopted it in 2002. Regarding Helvetica I wanted to underline its undeniable dominance, therefore I constructed animation in the way, which emphasising that it was produced by massive amount of companies. Next, so as to make an animation brief and engaging I used just the names of 3 big corporations since if I use more the message can hardly be understood.



After I found and incorporated all information within the animation, I decided to show it to some people. Actually, it has appeared to be too fast.Therefore, I have asked my tutor for a solution and in essence has been recommended to check if the text is read slowly twice (in this case everyone can get the message). In fact, I spent hours to work on it because of the huge amount of details and texts there, but as a result I had made it be played slower. However still  I am not sure if it is the right speed. Hence, I feel in the next term I need to adjust it by organising focus group where people will share their opinions.

Regarding the page with statistics, I added button with hyperlink to the next page. So as to make users be aware of the purpose of the next page, I named the button ‘discover the values’ because it is pretty clear and does let users get the point.



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